10 Tips for Saving Big

10 Tips For Saving Big!

So who doesn’t want to save money?! If you are like most people and are on a budget, saving money is the first thing you think about when making any kind of purchase. Sure, there are the  obvious ways to pinch your pennies like couponing and shopping sales. But don’t stop there. Keep reading to find out what other ways you and your wallet can save big!

Saving Big Can Help You Get Out Debt

  • Credit Cards:

    Consider transferring high-interest rate cards to an issuer that is offering lower annual rates and introductory offers. Call your current card issuer to negotiate your terms. Re-consider taking out a cash advance if you aren’t able to pay it back quickly.

  • Skip The Drive-Thru:

    Did you know that the average American spends a whopping $1200 every year on fast food? That’s an average of two meals per week. Take time to prepare meals at home. You’ll save big and be much healthier for it.

  • Get To Know Your Local Library:

    Why spend your hard earned money on books, DVD’s, and music when you can get it all for free at the library? Libraries are packed with your favorite’s available on several different formats. Consider as well swapping with friends and relatives or use sites like PaperBackSwap.com to trade with others.

  • Stay Away From “Stress-Spending?

    While some may call it “retail therapy”, it’s rarely a good idea to hit the shops when you are feeling stressed out, frustrated, angry, or melancholy. Instead turn to a healthier and less expensive way to wind down like exercise, meditation, or spending time with friends.


Saving Big Can Help Prepare For A Rainy Day


Consider Buying Used Instead Of New: You can really save big when you opt to find items for purchase at consignment shops, thrift stores, used games stores and the like.

  • Shop For The Holidays After The Fact: There are plenty of deals to be had when you shop for a themed holiday a few days after it has passed. Greeting cards, holiday decorations and wrapping paper are all discounted and ready to be stowed away for next year’s holiday.
  • Cancel Unused Magazine Subscriptions
  • Take The DIY Route before You Call In A Professional
  • Consider Finding A Cheaper Place To Live
  • Opt For Public Transportation Or Ride Your Bike To Work