How to Save Money on Bills

HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON BILLS Does it seem as though there is just too much month for your money? Even with a budget, paying the bills is a daunting process and one that can leave many of us wondering how we will get by until we get paid again. With 75% of American barely […]


How to Build Your Credit

How To Build Your Credit Let’s face it, we live in a credit-driven society. If you don’t have credit you can’t purchase a home, automobile, or even get car insurance. Yet it’s not enough to simply “have” credit; your score says a great deal about who you are financially. Building your credit takes time, discipline, […]


10 Tips for Saving Big

10 Tips For Saving Big! So who doesn’t want to save money?! If you are like most people and are on a budget, saving money is the first thing you think about when making any kind of purchase. Sure, there are the  obvious ways to pinch your pennies like couponing and shopping sales. But don’t […]

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